Student Volunteer Connections

Student Volunteer Connections (SVC) is your on-campus volunteer hub. We can help connect you with volunteer opportunities in the community and beyond that fit your interests, academic and career aspirations, and availability. Our services are available to both undergraduate and graduate students, online and in person, at our location in Raithby House.

Available Services

  • Courselink: our courselink page is home to a database of on- and off-campus volunteer placements, as well as updates on our events, volunteer trips and more!
  • Personalized Volunteer Referrals: we help to connect you to volunteer opportunities that meet both your availability and interests. 
  • Group Volunteer Trips: follow us on Facebook and Gryphlife to find out when our next volunteer trip is happening!
  • Student Volunteer Subsidies: SVC can help make volunteering easier on your wallet.  Apply by the 40th class day to receive up to a $100 reimbursement for volunteer-related costs.
  • Weekly Involvement Listings: receive this weekly email to find volunteer opportunities that work for you!
    • Please note - the newsletter in on hiatus until September 2018.

More Information

Promoting Volunteer Opportunities

Our Volunteer Weekly Listserv reaches over 1200 students. The newsletter is currently on hiatus for the summer. Check back in September 2018!