Move Out Madness

Move Out Madness is designed to help University of Guelph students redirect unwanted furniture and large items, food, and clothing to community agencies, recycling facilities, or student reuse.

Registration for the Move Out Madness Off-Campus Bulky Item Collection is available to University of Guelph students and registration begins in April of each year on GryphLife.

Contact us at

Off-Campus Bulky Item Collection

These programs are for students who live off campus and within the City of Guelph. Learn more about the Bulky Item Pick-up and Off Campus Food Drive.

This program take place in the various residence halls across campus. This is your chance to participate and donate!

Free Store and E-Waste Collection

Here are a couple of other ways to free yourself of stuff you don't want any more. Check out the Free Store and E-waste Collection.

Move Out Madness is volunteer-driven! That's right, the organizing is done by our Move Out Madness Facilitator, but students are the energy that makes it happen.

Move Out Madness is made possible through the collaborative efforts of a team of people and organizations.