Accommodation Information

Several options are available for international graduate students to live both on and off campus. A spot in on of the graduate residence communities is guaranteed for graduate students who apply by the July 1 deadline. It is the international student's responsibility to secure accommodation before they arrive. 

Graduate Houses

Student Housing Services operates five Graduate Houses which are located around the perimeter of the campus. All houses are shared accommodation in detached structures. Each Graduate House accommodates between four and six people. The majority of the Houses are close to the campus, between a five- and ten-minute walk to the University Centre. Some Graduate Houses are designated as male occupancy, some as female occupancy, and others as co-ed. The number of Houses assigned for each type depends upon demand; you may indicate your preferences on your residence application. To view these houses anf their availability, visit the Student Housing Services website.

Family Housing

Student Housing Services operates two communities for student families within walking distance of the main campus. Priority for housing is given to couples with or without children, and singles with children. If space allows, mature single students will be considered for accommodation. There are two sites available to choose from:

  • College Avenue: 121 one-bedroom apartments, 11 two-bedroom apartments and 68 two-bedroom townhomes.
  • Wellington Woods: This consists of 139 two-bedroom townhouses.

Please visit the family housing website for the online application and to find out more information about the units.

Living Off Campus

For students who may not want to live on campus there are different kinds of off-campus housing available in the city ranging from single rooms with kitchens to shared houses and apartments.

  • Rooms in houses where the kitchen and bathrooms are share with other tenants: $400-$475
  • One-bedroom apartments with private kitchen and bathroom (studio, basement, and upper apartments): $600-$970
  • Two-bedroom apartments: $700-$995
  • Three-bedroom apartments: $975-$1,275

If you have chosen to live off-campus, we suggest that you arrive at least two weeks before the beginning of classes. The Off-Campus Living Office provides information about your rights and obligations as a tenant. If you need help finding off-campus housing, they may be able to assist you with that as well. However, it is your responsibility to find and secure a place to live.