The Student Life Team

The Student Life team is comprised of individuals with an array of racial, ethnic, faith, cultural, and educational backgrounds, community connections, and expertise. Together, we represent almost 150 years of professional experience in higher education, the non-profit sector and community-based organizations.

We are proud of our position as leaders in the field, skilled practitioners, community partners and innovators. Colleagues at other institutions, local organizations and student groups call upon us regularly to share insights, deliver training programs or contribute in some way to advancing the profession, and we are happy to do so. Our ability to serve a broad swath of the student population, to innovate, to be responsive, and to reach students where they are is achieved primarily due to the extensive student staff team we work with each year.

Student Engagement is a key value for us – not only in the sense that we want to ensure students are successful, persist to graduation, and develop the capacity to contribute in meaningful ways to local, national and global communities – but in the context of our work. We are committed to involving students in a range of roles that include volunteer placements, Peer Helper positions, student staff appointments, Internships and limited term contracts. Students bring unique perspectives and help us to ensure that our work is relevant, timely and effective.

When staff and student positions are available we will make announcements via our social media channels. Meanwhile, we welcome inquiries ( from all potential applicants and are always happy to chat about your unique skill set and future opportunities to contribute to the profession and our team.