Orientation Volunteers

Without the tireless work of Orientation Volunteers, Orientation Week simply wouldn't be possible. Whether this is your first time being an Orientation Volunteer or your fourth, there are ways that everybody can make a significant difference in the lives of new students as they come to the University of Guelph for the first time! Any student can apply for any Orientation Volunteer role; you do not have to have Orientation experience to be on any of the OV teams.

Read below for more information about each of the different Orientation Volunteer (OV) positions.

Engagement Team

Number of Teams: 66
Training Date: September 2nd

Engagement Volunteers connect with new students and create a welcoming community during events and downtime. They are the backbone of Orientation Week, with the goal of helping new students to participate, build relationships, and generally transition smoothly into University.
*Apply by March 15th*

OV Facilitator Team

Number of Teams: 11
Training Dates: April 2nd, September 1st & 2nd

OV Facilitators support the academic transition of new students through facilitating small seminars. These key events include University InRoads and Semester in Seconds, in addition to building relationships with students throughout the week. OV Facilitators receive training in how to facilitate small group community building and how to run activities with clear purpose and objectives.
*Apply by March 15th*

Sunshine Team

Number of Teams: 3
Training Dates: September 1st & 2nd

Sunshine OVs engage with and support Orientation Volunteers throughout the week. They are responsible for the motivation, spirit, enthusiasm, good will, and cheer for all campus participants in Orientation Week. This includes new students, other Orientation volunteers, returning students, and staff! Sunshine OVs are known for pushing shopping carts full of snacks, sunscreen, stickers, face paint, and countless other kinds of gear around with them through O-Week. *Apply by March 15th*

Truck Team

Number of Teams: 3
Training Dates: September 1st & 2nd

Truck Team OVs provide the logistical backbone for Orientation Week, delivering resources and assisting with set-up and take-down of large scale events. Orientation Week events need tables, chairs, BBQs, garbage pails, recycling bins, fencing, unicorns, and more! Truck team is responsible for ensuring that all event planners have their equipment delivered and picked up in an effective and timely manner. Some members of these teams will drive a truck around campus and some may drive a golf cart, therefore some team members will need a driver’s license.
*Apply by March 15th*

Box Office Team

Number of Teams: 2
Training Dates: September 1st & 2nd

Box Office OVs are set up in Branion Plaza, answering students’ questions about UoG, providing directions, and selling tickets throughout the week. They are the central hub for any O-Week related questions, and support both new students, and OVs as they navigate a busy week! *Apply by March 15th*

Team Leader

Number of Team Leaders: 86
Training Dates: April 2nd, September 1st & 2nd

Team Leaders motivate and support a team of 10 OVs throughout the week. Team Leaders focus on building community with their team throughout the summer months, and then bringing their team together to have an amazing O-Week experience. Team Leaders also provide support to each other, sharing strategies to guiding a team successfully. *Applications are closed*

Alumni Team

Number of Teams: 1
Training Date: September 2nd

Alumni OV teams are comprised of UoG graduates who love Orientation and want to continue contributing to this unique and rewarding experience! Alumni OVs get to share their UoG wisdom with a new group of Gryphons, and work to create a welcoming community throughout the week. *The application for Alumni OVs is open until July 31st*

Team Leaders

Applications for Team Leaders for Orientation Week 2017: I am a Gryphon are now closed.


Rosanna Beattie
Coordinator, Transition Programs
Office Location: UC Level 3
Phone:519-824-4120 x53792 rbeattie@uoguelph.ca