Permits and Documentation

Revisions to Bill C-35: As of May 2013, educational institutions and their employees are prohibited from providing advice to students with regard to immigration applications such as visas or student/work permits. As a result, we cannot advise on your immigration options, complete or submit immigration forms on your behalf, or communicate with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) on your behalf. The goal of this regulation is to ensure that international students receive the proper assistance with often complex immigration procedures.

There's a lot to know about immigration-related topics such as renewing or applying for a study/work permit and information for accompanying family members. While OIA cannot assist you directly in the application processes, we are happy to direct you to the appropriate resources. This information is a starting point.
It is your responsibility to be familiar with all CIC regulations while you are in Canada. For detailed information about CIC regulations and application procedures, consult the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.


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