About Alcohol on Campus

Posted on Thursday, August 11th, 2016

The majority of students living in residence are under the age of 19 and so are not legally permitted to consume alcohol anywhere on campus, including in residence. While on campus, students who live off-campus are required to abide by the University's rules and regulations pertaining to alcohol-use on campus. In order to facilitate an inclusive environment that everyone can enjoy, alcohol is not permitted anywhere in residence during Orientation Week. Students who are of legal age to consume may do so after Orientation Week has ended, provided that they are in compliance with Student Housing Services' alcohol-related policies. Students are strongly encouraged to take the time to read the Residence Community Living Standards (RCLS).

The University also works regularly with the off-campus community to address issues regarding student drinking and safety. Students living off-campus are expected to be aware of the Community Standards Protocol. Similarly, we encourage parents to have conversations with their sons and daughters about being a good neighbour.

The reality is that there will be alcohol on campus. Whether or not your child chooses to drink, it's likely that they will be friends with students who do. We strongly encourage you to have frank discussions with your son or daughter about their use of alcohol before they arrive at campus. At the University of Guelph it is our experience that having conversations with family members about the responsible use of alcohol is an essential starting point in a safe student experience. Suggested topics should include the safe consumption of alcohol, how alcohol affects different people in different ways, strategies for ensuring a safe drive home, how to ensure that they and their friends are safe, how to manage obvious and subtle pressures to drink.

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