Publications & Presentations

The Student Life staff team actively contributes to the professional discourse related to our work. Have a look at some of our publications and conference presentations.


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World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education

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International Town and Gown Conference 2016

Hofer, K. (2016). Project Safe Semester: 5 weeks of collaboration each fall amongst the City of Guelph, University of Guelph, students and the downtown district to create a safe and enjoyable community for everyone.

Town and Gown Symposium 2016

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Old University Neighbourhood Residents' Association AGM 2015

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University of Toronto, New College 2013

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Leadership Educator's Institute 2012, The Ohio State University

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Provincial Liaison Officers' Annual Conference

Schnarr, L.  (2012).  Reach your PoTENtial.  Keynote address.  Guelph-Humber.

ePortfolio Week 

Schnarr, L. (2011).  The Bachelor of Arts and Sciences e-Portfolio:  An Integrated Approach.  University of Guelph.


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