Student Testimonials

Below are firsthand testimonals from students previously registered in the Chroma Project. 

"I really enjoyed being part of the Chroma project. It was really fun and I totally recommend first-year students to join Chroma project especially international students. Chroma project would definitely facilitate international students' transition."

"The chroma project matched me perfectly with my mentor, who became one of my closest friends in Guelph this year. "

"The Chroma Project has really given me a perspective outside of my own that helps me figure out the kinks of university. It's so much easier to navigate university when you have someone who understands what you're going through!"

"The Chroma Project has been the best decision I've made through my first year. I was able to make a connection with my mentor that made her seem like my second mother. Making such a dramatic transition can often seem like a trainwreck but with the help of my wonderful mentor, I made it through first year, learning to accept my differences and understanding this culture for the better and I've come out happy as ever! 10/10 one of the best, most rewarding experiences you could partake in."

"Chroma allows the student to realize that Professors genuinely would like to be your friend. It allows the student to gain knowledge about particular areas in their field straight from the tap."

"My mentor was fantastic and we helped each other grow. "