Fall Semester Only

Do you wish you had enough time in your day to get everything done? Is school going okay but it could be a bit better? Are your grades not what you hoped they would be and you are looking for strategies to get back on track?

Make half an hour for us and we'll help you find a way to create at least that much time back in your week.

Succeeding at Guelph is about more than how well you study and how much time you put into your classes: there's a big wide world of things you need to do here, and we can help you make it a little bit easier regardless of where you are at right now!

90% of participants from previous years recommend this program, saying it helped their confidence and their academic performance.

STARTonTrack is designed for all new undergraduate students who want to start university off on the right foot. You’ll be encouraged to meet with one of our STARTonTrack Facilitators (awesome upper year students) to talk about how life is going, and discuss any challenges you’re facing or goals that you might have. In these conversations we will help you find resources you might not even know about, and help you prepare for the rest of your university experience, and beyond.

START on Track begins day one of the fall semester and runs throughout your first semester. It will help you

  • make the most of your Gryphon experience,
  • connect with an upper year student, and
  • learn the ropes.

To chat with a STARTonTrack Facilitator, who has been carefully selected and trained, fill out a form here (login required), or drop by to see us:

  • 3rd Floor University Centre, Student Life Desk, Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm 

Or email us at

In the Winter Semester, check out Bounce Back - it's the same program with a different name.