Faith Advising

Student advising and support is offered by all the members of the Multi-Faith Resource Team and is available to all undergraduate and graduate students.  If you are looking to enrich your spiritual life or are seeking pastoral care of any kind, we are here to listen, encourage and support you.  The Multi-Faith Resource Team works collaboartively, and within their own traditions, to explore questions of meaning, purpose, belonging and identity. 

As a diverse team, we all affirm the dignity  and worth of every individual, regardless of ethnicity, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, gender expression and identity. Together, we work to create positive spaces where all are afforded equal opportunity to thrive.  

Particular faith communities have the desire and capacity to serve as strong allies and create safe(r) faith spaces for the LGBTQ2IA+ community.  We welcome and encourage the participation and leadership of LGBTQ2IA+ individuals and hope to act as a support and link to local resources.  For more information about LGBTQ2IA+ affirming faith resources, contact Andrew Hyde at or 519-824-4120, ext. 52390.  

Multi-Faith Drop-In

Want to talk to someone? Need a listening ear? No matter your faith background, even if you don't identify with any particular faith tradition, you are more than welcome to stop in and chat with a member of the Multi-Faith Resource Team. The team members are available to listen and support you. Drop-in hours run daily throughout the semester from 10am-12pm in Raithby House, Room 100. All are welcome.

If you'd like to connect directly to one of our team members via email or to book an appointment, here's how to contact us:

Multifaith Coordinator 


University of Guelph Meditation Community
Sandra Auld



Newman Centre Guelph
Fr. Mark Morley
Raithby House 202

Ania Krysciak
Raithby House 202


Ecumenical Campus Ministry
Andrew Hyde
Raithby House 205
519-824-4120, ext. 52390

Guelph Campus Ministry
Sara DeMoor
Raithby House 203
519-824-4120, ext. 52392
519-732-3517 (Sara's Cell)

The Evangelical Fellowship
Matt Naismith 


Hindu Society of Guelph
Praveen Saxena  

Sangeeta Saxena


Chabad of Guelph
Rabbi Raphi Steiner
Raithby House 201
519-824-4120, ext. 54366

Guelph Hillel
Gila Cotler
Raithby House 204
519-824-4120, ext. 56061


Muslim Community on Campus
Kamela Salimi

Spiritual but not Religious

Spiritual but not Religious Guelph
Keith Martin
Raithby House 202
519-372-4642 (Cell)

Can't Find What You Are Looking For?

This list of resources is not exhaustive and we know we haven't mentioned all faith communities.  If you're looking for something specific, we would love to hear from you and we'll do our best to connect you with the resources that you are looking for.  Please be sure to email us at