Guidance: Help along the way

At Student Life we are committed to supporting you in achieving your academic goals and developing the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive both while you are here, and after you graduate. If you need help along the way, you can meet individually or in small groups with one of our professional Advisors, a member of the Multi-Faith Resource Team or one of our highly trained Peer advisors. Whether in first year or a graduate student, you can access dedicated support services in Student Life and receive referrals to other resources on campus. We are here to support your individual journey and to help you make the most of your university experience.

Advising Support

  • Aboriginal Student Advising
    Personal and academic support for First Nations, Métis and Inuit undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Diversity Advising
    Personal and academic support for black and racially diverse undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Faith Advising
    Support for undergraduate and graduate students looking to connect and enhance their spiritual growth.
  • International Student Advising
    Support for undergraduate and graduate international students working towards their full-degree.
  • LGBTQ+ Student Advising
    Personal and Academic support for LGBTQ+ undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Student Leader Advising 
    Support for all elected and appointed student leaders managing their roles.
  • Tenant Advising
    Support for all undergraduate and graduate students in a rental living situation.

First Year Student Support

  • Bounce Back (Winter Semester)
    Undergraduate students... did the Fall Semester not quite go the way you want? Meet with us asap!
  • Chroma Project
    Connecting first year undergraduate students with a faculty or graduate student mentor.
  • International Graduate Student Orientation
    An orientation program for new international gradaute students.
  • START Aboriginal
    An orientation program for First Nations, Métis and Inuit undergraduate students.
  • START International
    An orientation program for international undergraduate students.
    The website for all new undergraduate students coming to the UofG in the Fall.
  • STARTonCampus
    A Summer Orientation program for new undergraduate students
  • STARTonTrack (Fall Semester) 
    New undergraduate students... make sure you start out on the right track. Your Facilitator is waiting to schedule your first meeting!

Peer Support

  • Conversation Partners
    A program for undergraduate and graduate students wishing to practice and improve their English conversation skills.
  • LINK Program
    Connecting new international undergraduate and graduate students with current Guelph students to help ease the transition into Canadian culture and life in Guelph.
  • OUTline ONline Chat Support
    Your anonymous, private, online chat service to talk to a volunteer about anything related to sexuality or gender.

Graduating Student Support

  • Gryph to Grad
    Helping undergraduates navigate their way toward graduation and beyond, featuring workshops, guest speakers, and events.

Setback Stories