Project Serve Spring-Summer

Project Serve Spring/Summer is an opportunity to learn more about pressing domestic and international themes and community initiatives that have global implications. As a participant, you (and other amazing University of Guelph students!) will have the opportunity to volunteer, learn about a social justice theme, and connect closely with communities in Guelph and beyond. Project Serve Spring/Summer is an unforgettable experience! Throughout the program you will be exposed to a variety of learning opportunities that focus on a specific theme, culture, and the community. Education and reflection components are also included to help you learn about critical social issues.

Locations and themes

2018's Program Locations and Themes are:

  • Guelph, Ontario (Food Justice; April 22-26)
  • Guelph, Ontario (Truth and Reconciliation; April 21-26)
  • Negril, Jamaica (Literacy and Leadership; July 7-23)

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