Student Life Awards

Student Life is proud to honour the achievements and contributions of campus and community leaders who have made a lasting difference in the lives of our students and in the strong relationship that is fostered between the campus and greater community.

Awards for Nomination

The following Student Life Recognition Awards are presented each year to deserving undergraduate and graduate students, staff, faculty and community members:

André Auger Citizenship Award

The André Auger Citizenship Award was established in 2000 to honour André Auger who served as Director of the Counselling & Student Resource Centre from 1973-2000. Each year, the Citizenship & Leadership Education program celebrates the leadership, vision and compassion that characterised André's contributions on campus and in the local community through the presentation of this award to an undergraduate or graduate student who has consistently demonstrated a sense of personal responsibility and commitment toward community that is worthy of notice.

Be The Change

The Be The Change award is a unique award that recognizes those individuals and groups on campus that are affecting positive change in our world. Annually, both individuals and campus groups are honoured at the annual Student Life Recognition Banquet. Do you know someone who is 'being the change'? Nominate them today.

Brian D. Sullivan Student Leadership Award

The Brian D. Sullivan Student Leadership Award was established in honour of Brian Sullivan who served as Associate Vice-President, Student Affairs from 1988 to 1999. This award is presented to a graduating student who has made significant contributions to student leadership through her/his involvement as an elected or appointed student representative at the University of Guelph.

Bruno Mancini Accessibility Award

This award is named in honour of Bruno Mancini, at the time of his retirement from the University of Guelph, who served as founding Director of Student Accessibility Services from 1990 to 2015. Throughout his career, Bruno served as a tireless advocate for persons with disabilities and played a key role in raising awareness, removing barriers and creating an inclusive environment.  In honour of Bruno's legacy as a champion for accessibility, this award honours an individual or group, including students, staff and faculty, who have contributed significantly to promoting and advancing accessibility at the University of Guelph.

Diversity and Inclusion Award

The Diversity and Inclusion Award recognizes the outstanding achievement of one undergraduate and one graduate student in the University of Guelph community, who support the University’s mission to create and maintain an inclusive environment for our increasingly diverse community.  This award recognizes co-curricular initiatives that champion the values of human rights, accessibility, equity, and diversity and aim to diminish inequalities (within the context of race, class, gender, culture and other identities) on campus and to create pathways to resolving them indefinitely.

The Diversity and Inclusion Award was established in 2014 (first presented in 2016) thanks to the generous annual donation of Jane Ngobia, Director, Diversity and Human Rights.  The award is intended to promote and celebrate diversity on campus and to recognize the contributions of students who are working to create an inclusive environment.  The Award honours one undergraduate and one graduate student or student group (composed of undergraduate or graduate students) who have contributed significantly to diversity and inclusion at the University of Guelph.

Emilie Hayes Award for Community Partnerships

The Emilie Hayes Award for Community Partnerships is presented annually to a community member and/or non-profit organization that has partnered with campus staff and/or faculty, in order to provide an outstanding learning opportunity for University of Guelph students.

Erin Angus Graduate Student Engagement Award

The Erin Angus Graduate Student Engagement Award was established in honour of the Graduate Students’ Association long-time Office Manager, Erin Angus. The recipient will embody the characteristics of steadfast dedication, humble service, and ever-present support of graduate students for which Erin Angus is known.
This award is presented to a graduate student who has made significant contributions to graduate and all student life through his/her engagement within the campus community during the past year.

Kishaadigeh Award

The Kishaadigeh Award "She Who Guards the Lodge": was established in 2010 to honour Jaime (Mishibinijima) Cidro, who served as the Aboriginal Student Advisor from 2003-2010. This award is presented to an Aboriginal Student enrolled in an associate diploma, undergraduate, or graduate program of study at the University of Guelph, University of Guelph-Humber, or Ridgetown College who is engaged in co-curricular activities that enrich their educational experience and is achieving well academically. The recipient is also connected in meaningful ways to the larger community, actively encouraging others to become involved and is a role model for other Aboriginal learners.

The Roberta Mason Award, formerly the Rookie Involvement Award, was renamed for Roberta Mason who, throughout her time as a student, professional staff and Director of Student Life & Career Services, served as a champion for the advancement of programs and services that fully engage students in the life of our campus. The award recognizes a student in any semester that, for the first time, has become actively involved in campus life and has made outstanding contributions to a club or organization at the University of Guelph.

R.P. Gilmor Student Life Award

This annual award was established in honour of R.P. Gilmor who served as the Provost of the University of Guelph from 1967 to 1987. Both his vision of and dedication to student life has helped shape Student Affairs at the University of Guelph. This award is presented to an individual student or student group AND an individual staff or faculty member/group who shares Paul Gilmor's commitment to improving the student experience and has contributed to the betterment of student life at the University of Guelph.

Accessibility Award

2016 The University of Guelph Sign Club
2015 Lynda Slater
2014 Julia Forster
2013 Claudia Havoic
2012 The 1 in 5 Committee
2011 The Accessibility Conference Committee
2010 Larissa Ravel
2009 Tucker Gordon
2008 Christi Garneau-Scott

André Auger Citizenship Award

2016 Adele Heagle
2015 Laura-Jane Weber
2014 Evan Bell
2013 René Sahba Shahmohamadloo
2012 Adam Little
2011 Jordan Thompson
2010 Andrea Hunt
2009 Nathan Lachowsky
2008 Kumudinie Kariiyaperuma
2007 Lindsey Bridge
2006 Dawn Campbell
2005 Annie Benko
2004 Cara Ann Chamberlain
2003 Danika Bellamy
2002 Paula Richardson
2001 Beth-Anne Tsourounis

Be The Change

2016 Recipients:
Muslim Student Association and Vote Savvy

2015 Recipients:
Jessica Huntington
Farm to Fork Creators: Corey Alexander, Oliver Cook, Lee-Jay Cluskey-Belanger

2014 Recipients:
Right to Play
Haley Duke & Ellen Sparling
Marathon of Sport

2013 Recipients:
Tractor Tug for Tots
Drew Cumpson

2012 Recipients:
David Lawless
Kyle Runeckles
Kayla Simms
Zafir Syed
Paul Wartman

2011 Recipients:
Kelly Hadfield
Yvonne Su & Gracen Johnson
Bracelet of Hope- Christina Thomson & Derek Alton
WUSC - local chapter

2009 Recipients:
Adam Lewandowski
Mitchell Moffit
Meal Exchange: Trick or Eat
Tap In!

Brian D. Sullivan Student Leadership Award

2016 Ryan Shoot
2015 Devon Barnes
2014 Samuel Mosonyi
2013 Danielle Boes
2012 Melanie Harding
2011 Harrison Todd
2010 Marena Brinkhurst
2009 Christie Garneau-Scott
2008 Kyle Maw
2007 Josh “Jack” Hass
2006 Aiden Abram & Christian Casupanan
2005 Stuart Solomon
2004 Josh Alcock
2003 Jonathan DaSilva
2002 Rich Appiah
2001 Jeff Ramlogan
2000 Deirdre Madden & Effie Gatsinos


Emilie Hayes Award for Community Partnerships

2016 David Beaton
2015 Kate Vsetula & Lisa Needham
2014 Linda Busuttil
2013 The Crown Ward Educational Championship Team, Waterloo-Wellington
2012 Anthony (Tony) Chegahno
2011 Joshua Duplantis
2010 Candy MacNeil
2009 No Recipient
2008 BJ Caldwell
2007 Kidsability

Kishaadigeh Aboriginal Student Award

2016 Natane Allison
2015 Kevin King
2014 Cynthia Hoy
2013 Mackenzie Lespérance
2012 Tyler Pennock
2011 Raven Romijn

Roberta Mason Award

2016 Brandon Ringham
2015 Patrick Beaudry
2014 Rishi Dubey
2013 Sonali Menezes
2012 Mike Nicholson
2011 Lucas Burton
2010 John Sakaluk
2009 Guillaume Blais
2008 Katherine Nelischer & Massimo De Simone
2007 Ismail Hirji
2006 Okimi Peters
2005 Kate Westcott
2004 Xiao Wang

The Rookie Award (now known as The Roberta Mason Award)

2003 Brandon Reeve
2002 Annie Benko
2001 Louise Kent
2000 Dave Hauch
1999 Terin Robinson & Shaun Calleja
1998 Jeremy Frederick
1997 Annie Lu
1996 Karen Iles
1995 Rebecca Arthur
1994 Neal Simard
1993 David Malte
1992 Crystal Mackay
1991 Pablo Leal

R.P. Gilmor Student Life Award

2016 Meghan Wing & Shannon Thibodeau
2015 Anita Hayes
2014 Anita Acai & Sally MacLachlan
2013 Samuel Mosonyi & Lee Anne Clarke
2012 Jessica Carter & Marty Molengraaf
2011 Brittany Brassard
2010 Gavin Armstrong
2009 Stefanie Nagelschmitz
2008 Karen Reimer
2007 Lucy Reid
2006 The Residence Life Management Team
2005 Anita Abraham & Ali Jahangirvand
2004 Hannah Dyer
2003 Dave Hartell
2002 Pat Richards & Rebecca Wood
2001 Kathryn Barkey & Laurie Schnarr
2000 no winner
1999 Marty Williams & Robin Begin
1998 Erin Angus & Tricia Bertram Gallant
1997 Carolyn Barkey & Jeffray Whitty
1996 Ann Armstrong & the Fine Arts Network
1995 Stephanie McClellan & Chris Parent
1994 A. Virginia Campbell & Baljit Singh
1993 Jim Atkinson & Leon Hall
1992 Linda Barton
1991 Elizabeth Honegger & Frank Robbins
1990 Joan Goddard & Roberta Mason
1989 Shirley Peterson & College Royal™
1988 Liz Kwan & Jim Maloney