Raithby House

George Raithby (1901-1981) Professor, Department of Animal Husbandry was the last college farmer to live in this stone house as a private resident with his family. Not only was Raithby an inventive researcher, but he was also an internationally recognized cattle judge and coached the OAC cattle judging team for 16 years. During his time with the Ontario Agricultural College, he was instrumental in establishing the animal breeding lab. Raithby also holds the distinction of being named the first Professor Emeritus of the University of Guelph in 1974, OAC’s centennial year.

Presently Raithby House is home to the Multi-Faith Resource Team, Student Support Network and Student Volunteer Connections – it’s come a long way since it was built in 1882. 
While the house is designated for use by current tenants, space inside and outside the house is often used by various campus groups.
  • The Multi-Faith Room (100) can be used for meetings and programming for 10-15 people
  • The porch can be used for outdoor programs and campaigns
  • The porch has banner space for advertising
  • The sun room can be used as study, meeting or meditation space (maximum 6 people)

Please refer the booking policies and procedures for more information on how to book Raithby House facilities (Room 100 and Porch). If you wish to book the sun room, please email faith@uoguelph.ca.