Advisory Committee

The University of Guelph has established the President’s Advisory Committee on Aboriginal Initiatives (PACAI) to identify, develop, and advance strategic institutional priorities that will:

  • promote greater awareness and recognition of the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada, and foster reconciliation within our institution and the broader community;
  • improve access to and support the participation of Aboriginal People in post-secondary education, including undergraduate and graduate academic programs, and the workforce (staff and faculty);
  • enrich the curriculum and pedagogy through greater inclusion of Aboriginal cultures, knowledges, languages and worldviews within academic programs;
  • further innovative research based on ethical and reciprocal relationships;
  • foster and sustain relationships for meaningful engagement between the University and Aboriginal communities; and
  • help to identify and secure funding to support Aboriginal learners, and institutional initiatives that promote greater engagement of Aboriginal cultures, knowledges, languages and worldviews and work towards reconciliation.