Our Impact, Their Words

The LINK program is like a bridge that extends my reach to other people from various countries. It gives me a golden opportunity to learn about other cultures and at the same time to share my own cultures. By helping others, I gained a lot of precious experiences and memories that I would never have thought possible aside from the old boring academic life." – LINK International Student Volunteer

I am a Gryphon

U of G is a supportive and inclusive community, committed to excellence in all that we do. We create/promote an environment that supports students in reaching their full academic and personal potential through the delivery of high quality programs and services, inside and outside of the classroom. As members of this community, Gryphons embody the Guelph spirit through their commitment to being respectful and caring. Gryphons are determined to do the best they can do and are engaged both in an outside of the classroom. They commit to remaining authentic to their true selves. Gryphons represent the University of Guelph both in the city, in the country, and around the world.
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